About LX Electric

ALEX BUTERMAN – Master Electrician, Electrical Contractor
Certified thermal imager, licensed, insured and bonded, WCB insured.

Alex Buterman has been serving the Kootenay Region in for over 20 years in the electrical trade. Exhibits a large understanding of electrical and takes pride in troubleshooting mechanical and other systems.


LX Electric Safety Guarantee & Our Commitment to Sustainability

Delivering over 20 years of dependable, professional electrical service; LX Electric believes in good customer communication and punctuality. Seeing many aspects of commercial, residential and industrial, LX Electric knows the importance of safety, energy conservation, production and quick troubleshooting. We recycle all our electrical packaging and cables in the efforts to comply with sustainable business practices.

Utility rebate incentives for electrical mechanical upgrades including lighting retrofit an EV car charging